It’s fruit fly season, at least in my neck of the woods. Here are a couple great ways to use your essential oils to keep them away. BASIL, PEPPERMINT, EUCALYPTUS: These are a few of the essential oils that deter fruit flies. Placing these in muslin sacks, or tea bags and hanging them around the house will deter fruit flies.They can’t stand the smell.  Or add a couple drops of each oil on a cotton ball or pad and place around the areas where the fruit flies tend to gather. Try diffusing 4 drops basil, 3 drops peppermint and 3 drops Eucalyptus Image by: More →


🌱 DIY Stain Stick Roller   Throw away that stain remover spray or stain stick and try this awesome chemical free Stain Stick Roller you can carry anywhere easy.   🌱 Get 1 glass Roller Ball 🌱 Fill ½ roller ball with distilled water 🌱 Add 3-4 drops of your favorite citrus oil – I recommend Citrus Fresh 🌱 Fill the rest of the roller ball with Thieves Household cleaner.   Shake before using. CONTACT ME: Website: Facebook: Email: Instagram: YouTube Channel: Twitter: Periscope: @younglivingeo1  Young Living Independent Distributor, Dawn M. Draper, Member No. 10870165 – Grace Aromatics DISCLAIMER: TheseRead More →

DIY Mascara Lavender Lash Growth Serum

If you are like me and have the shortest eyelashes imaginable (can’t even see them with mascara on), you probably dream of having lush long lashes like those women more fortunate.  I began searching for a chemical free alternative serum that I could easily make from home, with few ingredients and infused with Lavender essential oil.  There’s an oil for everything! This easy recipe uses only 3 ingredients, and it works.  I saw drastic results within the first month after using this serum in the morning before I put my regular mascara on, and then at night after washing my face for the evening. IfRead More →

Essential Oil uses

There are so many creative ways to use all the drops of essential oil in each amber glass oil bottle. In this post, we want to show you how to use essential oils in ways that benefit your daily routine and hopefully help you discover something new. Check out the essential oil benefits and uses below to see how you can live your best oily life! Make your own Perfume roller ball. Put 2 drops of Lemon or Peppermint on a cotton ball and stash it in the bottom of your trash can. Use your favorite aromas—like Sandalwood or Lavender—to make a natural lotion bar. Add Grapefruit to a DIY salt scrub. Freshen your laundryRead More →

Citrus Fresh Room Freshener

Are you still using Febreeze, Glade, or other chemical laden products to “mask” the smells you are trying to get rid of?  They are expensive, can contain carcinogen substances capable of causing cancer in living tissues, and really smell bad to many people.  In fact, the fragrances used in these products are not even made from plants.  They are derived from chemically made fragrances from goodness knows where and can actually cause problems with many people in their respiratory function. A simple, inexpensive, and healthy alternative to the chemical laden store bought products is to make your own.  Costs about 0.15 per bottle.  Its simpleRead More →

essential oils dropper

The power of scent is strong; it can draw us back to our favorite memories. That’s why citrus oil can remind us of a relaxing day at the beach, or why conifer scents make you think of a hike with your besties. But scents can do so much more than create nostalgia! Experience the versality of essential oils: 1. Scrub away the sticky! You know the inconvenient price tag residue left on mirrors, plates, and cups? Apply 1–2 drops of Lemon essential oil on a cloth and wipe away the gunk. Let Lemon oil save you from a sticky situation! 2. Let your locks shine!Read More →

Homemade Shampoo

Do you have any idea how many chemicals are introduced to your body even before you eat breakfast?  The average woman puts approximately 300 different chemicals on their body just getting ready for the day. Most of the chemicals come from products you think “clean” your body, and the makeup that you apply.  But if you take a look at most bath products, you will see a list a mile long of ingredients that are harmful to your health and the health and well-being of your family.  If you start switching out chemical laden products, even one at a time, you are bettering your healthRead More →

Apple Pie Scented DIY Room Spray

Who doesn’t think fall when you hear the word apples.  This is a great way to bring fall into your home anytime of the year.  This DIY Apple Pie scented room spray is simple to make and smells like grandma’s hot fresh baked apple pie. Apple Pie Room Spray Directions: Add all of the following ingredients into a . 8 oz. water 2 oz. witch hazel (this helps blend the oils with the water) 15 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil 15 drops Ginger Essential Oil 5 drops Nutmeg Essential Oil You can find here. Email me at: Become a Member Please follow, share andRead More →