Premium Starter Kit

Young Living has introduced a brand new Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit, which contains 12 wonderful essential oils, a sample of a plant based, chemical free household cleaner called Thieves Household Cleaner, hand purifier and a wonderful super fruit drink called Ningxia Red, which contains Wolfberries (Goji berries) and last, a beautiful diffuser. But best of all, you become a wholesale member and save 24% off all of your future essential oil and product purchases for life. The cost for this collection is only $165.00 for approximately $475.00 worth of products (retail).   Sign up under my Young Living Member No. 10870165 for exclusive FREEBIESRead More →


Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil comes from trees that sit under the magical Northern Lights at Young Living’s farm in Fort Nelson, Canada. It is distilled from the ENTIRE tree…. needle to root… not just the needles and branches! Traditionally, Black Spruce trees have been believed to possess the frequency of prosperity! (Yes, please! I will take a gallon.) Preliminary testing of Northern Lights Black Spruce a very high frequency essential oil, reported to be as high as 500 MHz. (Rose is 320 MHz!) Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil is a big emotional oil… it is used to release emotional blocks and feelings ofRead More →

Essential Oil uses

There are so many creative ways to use all the drops of essential oil in each amber glass oil bottle. In this post, we want to show you how to use essential oils in ways that benefit your daily routine and hopefully help you discover something new. Check out the essential oil benefits and uses below to see how you can live your best oily life! Make your own Perfume roller ball. Put 2 drops of Lemon or Peppermint on a cotton ball and stash it in the bottom of your trash can. Use your favorite aromas—like Sandalwood or Lavender—to make a natural lotion bar. Add Grapefruit to a DIY salt scrub. Freshen your laundryRead More →

essential oils dropper

The power of scent is strong; it can draw us back to our favorite memories. That’s why citrus oil can remind us of a relaxing day at the beach, or why conifer scents make you think of a hike with your besties. But scents can do so much more than create nostalgia! Experience the versality of essential oils: 1. Scrub away the sticky! You know the inconvenient price tag residue left on mirrors, plates, and cups? Apply 1–2 drops of Lemon essential oil on a cloth and wipe away the gunk. Let Lemon oil save you from a sticky situation! 2. Let your locks shine!Read More →

Thieves essential oil

Thieves is an amazing blend of essential oils, inspired by French Thieves during the time of the plague.  Legend has it that in the 15th-century, French authorities offered leniency to a group of thieves in exchange for their secret aromatic mixture. The Thieves protected themselves with the special blend because it was an immune booster.  Rosemary and Clove are two of the 5 essential oils used in this blend, and are known for their antimicrobial effects to fight off bacteria. Thieves® Vitality™ and Young Living’s Thieves products, with the powerful essential oils of Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary, provide both wellness supportRead More →

Amazing Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender! I can’t say enough about this Nature’s gift. First let me say that I have issues with most fragrances, especially floral, and Lavender flowers being a big one. But…not the oils that are steamed distilled from the flowers. You see, when you are allergic to scents and skin allergies, it’s certain parts of the plants you are allergic to, like pollen, but when you extract the oils from these plants, the allergen parts of the plant are not what you get.  You just get an amazing oil. What can Lavender essential oil do? Let’s just say if I could only have one oil withRead More →

Lemongrass Panaway for Arthritis Pain

When my mom was in her late 40s, she constantly complained about pain in her wrists and in her hands.  I remember how much she used to love to garden, but then I realized she was not doing so much of that anymore, so I asked her why.  She told me it was because her hands hurt so much and that she had a hard time holding the tools to garden with.  Well, now I am about that same age and I have begun to start to feel the same in my hands, especially my fingers and the ligaments around my thumb and forefinger.  IRead More →

Lavendar, Lavandin, Essential Oils

First let’s talk about the Botanical family to which these two species belong.  Both are a part of the Lamiacea botanical family and they all have  the name Lavender (Lavandula) in common.  The full botanical names of each plant is Lavandula angustifolia, which is “True Lavender”, and Lavandula x intermedia, which is Lavandin, often passed off in essential oils as “Lavender”, which it is, but it’s very different in many ways from “True Lavender” (Lavandula angustifolia) in regards to it’s properties and what the essential oil’s intention is. As I mentioned above, Lavandula angustifolia, is “True Lavendar” in its purest form, and is the oilsRead More →