DIY Mascara Lavender Lash Growth Serum

If you are like me and have the shortest eyelashes imaginable (can’t even see them with mascara on), you probably dream of having lush long lashes like those women more fortunate.  I began searching for a chemical free alternative serum that I could easily make from home, with few ingredients and infused with Lavender essential oil.  There’s an oil for everything! This easy recipe uses only 3 ingredients, and it works.  I saw drastic results within the first month after using this serum in the morning before I put my regular mascara on, and then at night after washing my face for the evening. IfRead More →

Essential Oil uses

There are so many creative ways to use all the drops of essential oil in each amber glass oil bottle. In this post, we want to show you how to use essential oils in ways that benefit your daily routine and hopefully help you discover something new. Check out the essential oil benefits and uses below to see how you can live your best oily life! Make your own Perfume roller ball. Put 2 drops of Lemon or Peppermint on a cotton ball and stash it in the bottom of your trash can. Use your favorite aromas—like Sandalwood or Lavender—to make a natural lotion bar. Add Grapefruit to a DIY salt scrub. Freshen your laundryRead More →

Savvy Minerals Makeup Young Living

Get Ready To Be WOWED! Young living announced it’s new Cosmetics line “Savvy Minerals” at the 2017 Young Living Convention held in July, 2017 in Utah.  The cosmetics have already been featured in Allure, Bustle, Daily Mail and People Magazines.  Young Living’s Savvy Minerals are free from parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, bismuth, talc, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colorants, not tested on animals and made with natural ingredients. Watch this Five-Minute Face Tutorial for an introduction to the wonderful new products by Savvy Minerals and Young Living.     For more information on the Savvy Minerals cosmetics, or to purchase, please visit Email me at: info@younglivingforlife.comRead More →

Winter Skin Fixes

Does your skin feel like sandpaper during the cold winter months?  Are you fighting other skin issues?  An essential oil diffuser also acts as a humidifier in your home and can help.  Not only are you getting the benefits of whatever essential oil you are diffusing, but your skin is also benefiting because you are adding humidity into your space.  Below is a Honey Lemon Face & Body Creme (Cream) recipe that can help your skin feel healthy and hydrated, not only during the winter months and for dryness, but all year long. Lemon is widely used in skin care products because it is knownRead More →

Oatmeal bath DIY Young Living Essential Oils

Sunburn?  Dry Skin?  Try making your own DIY Oatmeal Bath Soak using Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Lavender Essential Oils (or your own variations, but this variation is good for dry skin and sunburns).  I recently made a 1/2 batch of this soak and it was also really nice on my body when I had a stuffed up nose and cold symptoms.  Tea Tree oil aids in helping your skin recover from winter dryness, Lavender helps you feel relaxed and at ease, and Frankincense is good for cold and flu symptoms and stress relieving.  If you try this DIY project, please leave me a comment onRead More →

Young Living Essential Oils Pamper Yourself

Did you know that you can create your own pampering products like facials, body butters and cuticle roller out of your Young Living Essential Oils?  Here are a few recipes to create a facial, body butter and cuticle roller (you need to have a roller ball and bottle for the cuticle roller). Honey Facial 1 tbs baking soda 1 drop Frankincense essential oil 1/2 tbs raw honey 1 drop Lavender essential oil 1 drop Geranium essential oil Mix all ingredients in a glass bowl until the consistency is a paste.  Place a warm wash cloth over your face to open your pores.  Rub the facialRead More →