I haven’t colored my hair for about three years.  Why?  Because as I progressed into the future of a more non-chemical life, I knew that I couldn’t use the usual brands of permanent hair coloring solutions found at most stores across the US.  So, I just decided to forgo my color, and learn to love my gray, until I could find an alternative I could be happy with.  Is there such a thing?  Yes, there are alternatives.  One is Henna, but it is super messy and hard to work with and does not stay long, it’s not really permanent.  Last time I tried Henna IRead More →

Essential Oil Display Shelf

About 2 month before Christmas, I stumbled upon someone using this beautiful shelf for their essential oils collection. I fell in love with it. That same day my son and I were talking about what we wanted for Christmas and I told him all I wanted was this shelf to display my essential oils. He listened, and that is exactly what I got. I thought I would review this product.  It works perfectly as a shelf for essential oils.  It holds so many bottles of your favorite essential oils. It will hold two 5 ml bottles one in front of the other and 1 15Read More →

Young Living Orb Diffuser

Unfortunately, not every review can be a positive review. Even though one might believe strongly about the products from a company that they hold so dearly to their heart to be the best products, sometimes that just is not the case. If you’ve been reading my blogs you know that I use Young Living products, and I am a distributor for that company. I have actually not had an opportunity, thank goodness, to have to give a negative review since the day I signed up as a member of Young Living. However, I am honest, and the reason why I do this blog is soRead More →