It’s fruit fly season, at least in my neck of the woods. Here are a couple great ways to use your essential oils to keep them away. BASIL, PEPPERMINT, EUCALYPTUS: These are a few of the essential oils that deter fruit flies. Placing these in muslin sacks, or tea bags and hanging them around the house will deter fruit flies.They can’t stand the smell.  Or add a couple drops of each oil on a cotton ball or pad and place around the areas where the fruit flies tend to gather. Try diffusing 4 drops basil, 3 drops peppermint and 3 drops Eucalyptus Image by: More →

One Hundred Percent Pure

I became a bit concerned after a friend asked me some questions about what an essential oil she bought at Joann Fabrics did, and not in a good way.  This oil, ladies and gentlemen, regardless of whether it said 100% pure, or “therapeutic” is absolutely not pure.  It’s laden with chemicals, pesticides and adulterated with goodness knows what, and definitely diluted with some kind of carrier oil.  Did you know that the FDA does not regulate essential oil companies?  Because of this, many companies also add additives, floral water, adulterate or dilute the essential oil to keep the cost down?  This could be hexane, toRead More →

I haven’t colored my hair for about three years.  Why?  Because as I progressed into the future of a more non-chemical life, I knew that I couldn’t use the usual brands of permanent hair coloring solutions found at most stores across the US.  So, I just decided to forgo my color, and learn to love my gray, until I could find an alternative I could be happy with.  Is there such a thing?  Yes, there are alternatives.  One is Henna, but it is super messy and hard to work with and does not stay long, it’s not really permanent.  Last time I tried Henna IRead More →

For so many years I used the conventional foaming soap bought at stores.  The ingredients in those products are atrocious.   There are so many added detergents, and other unnecessary chemicals, some of which really dry your skin out.  Well, when I started thinking about the products I used on my skin, the store bought hand soap went in the trash.  Here is a simple DIY foaming hand soap recipe that you will be sure to fall in love with.  You can feel the conditioning properties of the oils that are in this hand soap every time you wash your hands. Ingredients: 2 tbs 1/2 toRead More →

Wolfberry Trail Mix Bars

5 ml Orange Vitality essential oil from Young Living, Big sample of Thieves all purpose concentrated cleaner (makes two cups of cleaner), 40 Vanilla Incense Sticks, Shea Butter Soap from England, Lavendar bath and foot soak, made with organic ground oats, Epsom Salts, and Lavender essential oils, DYI room spray kit that includes the glass bottle and all the ingredients to make a sleepy time Lavender room spray ,and a copy of the Essential Oils Magazine full of awesome information and articles.   What do you have to do to get entered? If you haven’t already, add yourself to my Facebook Group: and youRead More →

Young Living Christmas Giveaways

Get into the holiday spirit with a week full of giveaways! You don’t have to be a Young Living Member to get in on the winnings and entries.Starting Today Young Living is giving away goodies for a week. 🎁 Today, we’re giving away an Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser. Click here to enter: *Check back every day to enter. #WeekofGiveaways #ChristmasSpirit #HolidayGiveaways Please follow, share and like us:Read More →