Premium Starter Kit

Young Living has introduced a brand new Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit, which contains 12 wonderful essential oils, a sample of a plant based, chemical free household cleaner called Thieves Household Cleaner, hand purifier and a wonderful super fruit drink called Ningxia Red, which contains Wolfberries (Goji berries) and last, a beautiful diffuser. But best of all, you become a wholesale member and save 24% off all of your future essential oil and product purchases for life. The cost for this collection is only $165.00 for approximately $475.00 worth of products (retail).   Sign up under my Young Living Member No. 10870165 for exclusive FREEBIESRead More →


Are you 1 of millions of people who suffer from a decrease in energy, emotional imbalance and  the “Blues” during the fall and winter seasons? The Winter Blues is real.  In fact, in the early 1980’s, a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health by the name of Norman Rosenthal established that humans showed signs of depression during the fall and winter months, times when less sunlight appears each day.   These symptoms would only occur during the fall and winter months, and would virtually disappear during the spring and summer months when sunlight is at its longest daylight rotation. Rosenthal “described winter depression asRead More →

Botox Injection Dangers

I’ve had Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome since I was in Junior High.  Stress and anxiety has always played the #1 roll in my daily jaw clenching and teeth grinding, and I have worn a bite splint at night, off and on, for a couple decades.  But the clenching and grinding continue.   This past week, during my 6 month dental cleaning appointment, my dentist looked at my x-rays with alarm.  I have been his patient for over 25 years.  The X-rays showed I had been clenching more often, and it is causing harm to my teeth, gums and nerves.  It has never been determinedRead More →

What Are Essential Oils and How Do They Work

WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS AND HOW DO THEY WORK?   Essential oils are potent, aromatic, volatile liquid that comes from plants, shrubs, trees, bushes, roots, seeds and flowers. Volatility of plants is what give them their special characteristics and aroma. Essential oils are the essence (the life blood) of the plant that allows for the plant to repair itself, ward off pests and even other plants from invading their space.   There are two methods used to extract essential oils from a plant. One is by steam distillation and the other is by cold pressing.   Steam Distillation can be quite complex and the processRead More →

One Hundred Percent Pure

I became a bit concerned after a friend asked me some questions about what an essential oil she bought at Joann Fabrics did, and not in a good way.  This oil, ladies and gentlemen, regardless of whether it said 100% pure, or “therapeutic” is absolutely not pure.  It’s laden with chemicals, pesticides and adulterated with goodness knows what, and definitely diluted with some kind of carrier oil.  Did you know that the FDA does not regulate essential oil companies?  Because of this, many companies also add additives, floral water, adulterate or dilute the essential oil to keep the cost down?  This could be hexane, toRead More →

I haven’t colored my hair for about three years.  Why?  Because as I progressed into the future of a more non-chemical life, I knew that I couldn’t use the usual brands of permanent hair coloring solutions found at most stores across the US.  So, I just decided to forgo my color, and learn to love my gray, until I could find an alternative I could be happy with.  Is there such a thing?  Yes, there are alternatives.  One is Henna, but it is super messy and hard to work with and does not stay long, it’s not really permanent.  Last time I tried Henna IRead More →

Citrus Fresh Room Freshener

Are you still using Febreeze, Glade, or other chemical laden products to “mask” the smells you are trying to get rid of?  They are expensive, can contain carcinogen substances capable of causing cancer in living tissues, and really smell bad to many people.  In fact, the fragrances used in these products are not even made from plants.  They are derived from chemically made fragrances from goodness knows where and can actually cause problems with many people in their respiratory function. A simple, inexpensive, and healthy alternative to the chemical laden store bought products is to make your own.  Costs about 0.15 per bottle.  Its simpleRead More →

essential oils dropper

The power of scent is strong; it can draw us back to our favorite memories. That’s why citrus oil can remind us of a relaxing day at the beach, or why conifer scents make you think of a hike with your besties. But scents can do so much more than create nostalgia! Experience the versality of essential oils: 1. Scrub away the sticky! You know the inconvenient price tag residue left on mirrors, plates, and cups? Apply 1–2 drops of Lemon essential oil on a cloth and wipe away the gunk. Let Lemon oil save you from a sticky situation! 2. Let your locks shine!Read More →