DIY Chemical Free Eyelash Growth Serum

DIY Mascara Lavender Lash Growth Serum

DIY Chemical Free Eyelash Growth Serum

If you are like me and have the shortest eyelashes imaginable (can’t even see them with mascara on), you probably dream of having lush long lashes like those women more fortunate.  I began searching for a chemical free alternative serum that I could easily make from home, with few ingredients and infused with Lavender essential oil.  There’s an oil for everything!

This easy recipe uses only 3 ingredients, and it works.  I saw drastic results within the first month after using this serum in the morning before I put my regular mascara on, and then at night after washing my face for the evening.

If you make this DIY Eyelash Serum and see results like the results shown in this photo, please comment, better yet show your before and after photo in the comments section of this post.

Before and After DIY Eyelash Serum


In an empty 8 oz Mascara Tube (Can be purchased here: on Amazon) Add:

1 Tsp Castor Oil (This must be castor oil)

½ Tsp Coconut Oil

1-2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil


Mix all ingredients and store in a small mascara tube. Simply brush Serum onto lashes daily before you use your regular mascara.

For best results also apply another application before bedtime. Serum will last up to a year if kept in an air tight container.


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