Misleading Information Is Your Worst Essential Oil Enemy

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Misleading Information Is Your Worst Essential Oil Enemy

I became a bit concerned after a friend asked me some questions about what an essential oil she bought at Joann Fabrics did, and not in a good way.  This oil, ladies and gentlemen, regardless of whether it said 100% pure, or “therapeutic” is absolutely not pure.  It’s laden with chemicals, pesticides and adulterated with goodness knows what, and definitely diluted with some kind of carrier oil.  Did you know that the FDA does not regulate essential oil companies?  Because of this, many companies also add additives, floral water, adulterate or dilute the essential oil to keep the cost down?  This could be hexane, to yield higher amounts of plants to distill, water leftovers from the distillation process, plants grown in unacceptable conditions and sprayed with pesticides, added chemicals, or added carrier oils to dilute the essential oils for mass production at lower costs.

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I want to give an example of the cost of an essential oil. Let’s take one of the most expensive oils you can buy, Rose.  It takes approximately 242,000 rose petals to distill a 5 ML bottle of Rose essential oil.  So, the yield of oil is very small, which causes it to be expensive to obtain.  A truly pure Rose essential oil would cost you around $250.00 retail for a 5ml bottle.  So, if you think you are getting a deal at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, ect. when you buy a 5ml bottle of Rose essential oil for under $40.00, you are not.  Even if it says on the bottle “100% pure”, its not.  There is no way at that price it is.  You are absolutely not ever going to get the benefits of Rose essential oil out of that cheap bottle of oil as you would truly pure essential oil, and it could be dangerous to your wellbeing.

Let’s talk a bit about what the term “therapeutic” really means as well.  Just because it says “therapeutic” on a bottle of cheap oil, it does not mean it’s a good oil.  Anyone can say an oil is “therapeutic”.  The definition of Therapeutic with respect to essential oils is “the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. It is sometimes used in combination with massage and other therapeutic techniques as part of a holistic treatment approach.

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If you are using essential oils, whether it is diffusing, topically, or internally, and you are misled by an essential oil brand into thinking you are getting something you are not, it could be seriously dangerous to your health.  And, just because you are only “Diffusing it” or “cleaning with it”, it doesn’t matter.  Why?  Because inhaling essential oils is actually the most direct delivery method to therapeutically benefit from the use of essential oils. When essential oils are inhaled through your nose, or by way of diffusing, the signals received are transmitted immediately to your olfactory bulb in your brain and the effects of the essential oils begin working on your body systems that support your mind, emotions, and body.  You are getting the therapeutic benefits of inhaling essential oils when you are cleaning with them.

But, If you are not using a true 100% pure essential oil that is distilled or cold pressed from the parts of Young Living Essential Oils - Alternative Healththe plant that was intended to extract the essential oils, you are putting your emotional balance and body systems, including your respiratory, muscular, reproductive, endocrine, and much more in a very dangerous situation.  First, ask yourself, “Why am I using essential oils?”  Most of us are turning to essential oils because we want to provide our bodies and our emotions with something more natural and beneficial than products that contain synthetically designed materials, which are harmful to your body systems.  Over and over we are hearing more about what is happening to humans as a result of chemicals put in food, drugs, body care products, ect.  So, we are seeking alternatives for a healthier lifestyle and wellness for our families and ourselves.

Please all, I beg you, know where your essential oils are coming from, don’t settle for a cheap oil that will do you no good, or could cause you and your family harm.  For more information on how to obtain actual PURE essential oils, without any adulterations, dilutions or chemicals, grown in organic indigenous farms, I have a ton of information on my links at the top of my website, or you can contact me for a 1 on 1 essential oil workshop to learn more about using essential oils and safely at info@younglivingforlife.com, or you can view an online Essential Oils 101 workshop on Youtube below.

I will not settle for anything, but truly “PURE” essential oils made for the parts of the plant that were intended to extract, from organically grown practices, EVER.  I won’t put my family or myself at risk of dangers lurking in cheap knock off oils and neither should you.

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