What Are Essential Oils & How Do They Work?

What Are Essential Oils and How Do They Work

What Are Essential Oils & How Do They Work?

Essential oils are potent, aromatic, volatile liquid that comes from plants, shrubs, trees, bushes, roots, seeds and flowers. Volatility of plants is what give them their special characteristics and aroma. Essential oils are the essence (the life blood) of the plant that allows for the plant to repair itself, ward off pests and even other plants from invading their space.
There are two methods used to extract essential oils from a plant. One is by steam distillation and the other is by cold pressing.
Steam Distillation can be quite complex and the process a bit different for each plant type. Most plants, other than those in the citrus family, are steam distilled. The distillation temperatures and the time it takes to distill a particular plant depends much on how polar = water soluble they are.
Essential Oil Drops
Citrus oils such as lemon, orange, and tangerine are cold pressed and the essential oils are extracted from the rinds of the fruit and not the juice of the fruit. Citrus essential oils are not acidic like the juice of the fruit is.
Certain constituents of a particular plant’s essential oils allow for these beautiful oils to support our body systems such as our emotions, immunity, digestion, hormones, musculature, endocrine, joint health, and more. The chemical makeup of each type of plant is what makes up the type of constituent that supports a certain body system.
Essential oils fight off infection, and disease in the plant, which also works as a support for our human body systems as well. God’s gift to mother nature and to us. They balance our emotions and bring us back to times of good memories, and sometimes bad. For example, the first time I smelt Tangerine essential oil, it took me right back to the time my mom would go through the drive thru at the bank and I would get the orange lollipop. The smell of the Tangerine essential oil triggered a happy emotion and a familiar smell that brought back the memory.
Essential oils have played an important medicinal role dating back thousands of years. Essential oils and their useful properties on humans body systems is not a fad.

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